With Dr. Joe Currier


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  • Introduction: Meet the Characters and What to EXPECT…BEYOND GREAT FUN AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS  (3:32) 
  • Ah-ha Corner Conversation Starters (2:53)
  • The Story: You Are Special (14:24)
  • Bonus Interview with Dr. Joe Currier (12:01)
  • Downloadable PDF Coloring Page Included
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 “You Are Special
The ‘Swantastic’ Secrets Children Hide

Listen-Learning Opportunities: We begin this WellinWorld story with a “belly-breathing” relaxation exercise. Our young friend needs to regain his confidence after all the taunting he just faced. He can still feel the pain of the words, “Come back sometime when you’re not nuts. Nanna, nanna, nah, nah! We don’t want to play with YOU!”

We challenge our story-partners to NOT just give in and act like everyone else. It’s important to celebrate our authentic, unique self. As his Wellin friend reminds Garbeadean, “No one’s normal, you know that…Everyone’s a little bats…” The advice is “SWANTASTIC”: Imagine a swan gliding on a lake…If you look on top of the water, it’s like the swan is gently flowing to soft music. IF you look below the surface, however, he may be quickly paddling his feet to get out of the way of a school of fish. Who are we in our authentic self AND what do we hide from others so we won’t FEEL judged? Join us to resolve this challenge!

Primary Age Range: 8-12 years of age

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Your Destination Includes:

  • Audio Story

  • Journey Guide (with "Ah-ha Corner" Conversation Starters)

  • Bonus Interview with Dr. Joe Currier

  • Downloadable PDF Coloring Page


Dr. Joseph R. Currier is a licensed Psychologist with more than 50 years of clinical experience. He has had the privilege to teach on the Graduate level, operate as the CEO of a school for children with special needs, and has been a consultant and Executive Coach across a wide variety of businesses both local and international.

Learn more at: curriergroup.com

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