With Dr. Joe Currier


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  • Introduction: Meet the Characters and What to EXPECT…BEYOND GREAT FUN AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS  (2:36) 
  • Ah-ha Corner Conversation Starters (02:40)
  • The Story: Mins Healthy Adventure (13:31)
  • Bonus Interview with Dr. Joe Currier (12:01)
  • Downloadable PDF Coloring Page Included
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 “Min's Healthy Adventure”:
How to Get Rid of Nasty Germs 

Listen-Learning Opportunities: Finding “Comic Vision” during stressful times, exploring “self-talk” and stories we make up in our mind—the mind-body relationship, self-confidence and self-expression, listening for detail, curiosity regarding social distress, encouraging initiative, health measures to curb infection, using diaphragmatic breathing to manage stress (‘belly-breathing’), using imagination as a metaphor to better understand real conflicts, peer-bonding, courage to speak your truth…Modeling healthy emotional expression, including crying.

Primary Age Range: 8-12 years of age

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Your Destination Includes:

  • Audio Story

  • Journey Guide (with "Ah-ha Corner" Conversation Starters)

  • Bonus Interview with Dr. Joe Currier

  • Downloadable PDF Coloring Page


Dr. Joseph R. Currier is a licensed Psychologist with more than 50 years of clinical experience. He has had the privilege to teach on the Graduate level, operate as the CEO of a school for children with special needs, and has been a consultant and Executive Coach across a wide variety of businesses both local and international.

Learn more at: curriergroup.com

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