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Alex and Kim need to be saved. They appear to be doing quite well to their friends, neighbors, coworkers,  and extended family.

However, appearances can be deceiving.  Alex and Kim are ensnared in multiple traps and it’s destroying their relationship, hindering their success, and undermining their happiness.

 Alex and Kim have fallen into 7 common traps:

  • The Relationship Trap

  • The Money Trap

  • The Focus Trap

  • The Change Trap

  • The Learning Trap

  • The Career Trap

  • The Purpose Trap. 

Save Alex and Kim now, and learn to Live Trap Free.

Personally. Professionally. Simultaneously.


Become a Trapologist and help others along the way. 


Your Captivating Learning Journey Includes:

  • Learning Playlist

  • Journey and Sharing Guides (with amazing Conversation Starters)

  • Certificate of Achievement

David M. R. Covey


“Trap Tales is a Triumph!''

 - Ken Blanchard


I had to be proactive at age four, think win-win at age five, and listen empathically at age six. This is what you are required to do as the third son of Stephen R. Covey, the author of the 7 Habits.

In all seriousness my friends, I grew up with this content my whole life and today I'm on a quest to help people spot and outsmart the 7 modern-day traps that are holding them back from success.

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