Why Tracking Success?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2022

Every day we wake up and start tracking something important in our lives.

Knowing what to track, who to track with and how to get back on track is vital know-how to living a successful and happy life.

In this we have much to learn from the expert Wildlife Tracker.

Expert Wildlife Trackers operate in the complex world of nature. Their job, every day, is to track and find wild animals.

It’s not a simple task by any measure. The animal they are tracking is wild.

It cannot be controlled. It cannot be made to slow down or reveal itself. It makes up its own mind and naturally wants to stay away from humans.

For the Tracker it’s like a big puzzle that must be solved.

Solving the puzzle takes skill, practice, tenacity and a mindset that is attentive, aware, open and curious.

They are constantly adapting. Constantly making decisions about what the animal is doing.

Firstly they must find the track.

 They must become active.

They must put themselves into the place of...

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